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Where to begin

Take a browse through the guitars shown on this website. They are examples of what is possible and can serve as your starting point. Alternatively, if you have your own ideas for a body shape it's a good idea to do some sketches and/or find some pictures of what you have in mind.

Think about the business end of your guitar; the neck profile, scale length, pickup configuration and wiring requirements and the type bridge, and other hardware.


The more information you can provide the smoother and more successful the design process will be. Naturally I'm happy to provide advice and guidance.

Once I have a clear understanding of your requirements I will provide a range of design drawings for your perusal. This gives you the opportunity to refine and clarify your design.

When the design is finalised I will provide you with a quote. A 50% deposit must be paid before production can start.


Alexis Brachacki
+44 7502 205 616

If you want to send me a message please complete the form below and I'll  get back to you as soon as possible.

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All SuperPhonic electric guitars are bespoke musical instruments, made to order and tailored to your requirements. This gives you the freedom to specify many aspects of your dream guitar including: choice of woods and finishes, pickup configuration and electronics, choice of bridge, tuners and other hardware, neck profile, scale length and fret board radius (uniform or compound radii) depending on the type of bridge selected. Left handed guitars are no problem at all.



The lead time for most guitar builds is about 2 months. Periodically throughout the build I will provide you with photographic progress updates.

Initially your guitar body, neck and fret board are shaped using a CNC milling machine. This is the best way to ensure consistency and extreme accuracy through all SuperPhonic guitars. 

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